miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Sizes/ Marimi

Hats have numerical sizes represented in cm. For women's hats the two most commom are 56 and 57. You can find out your particular hat size by simply measuring your head around your forehead where the hat will fit. If you measured for ex. 56 cm then your hat size is 56.
However there are half sizes as well, like 55,5 or 56,5 etc. It is advisable that you ask before placing an order if there is or if it can be made in your very own size.
Fascinators are one size only.
Palariile au marimi numerice exprimate in cm. Cele mai solicitate marimi la palariile de dama sunt 56 si 57. Pentru a afla ce marime porti, nu trebuie sa faci decat sa-ti masori capul acolo unde va veni palaria. De ex. daca ai masurat 55,5 cm atunci marimea ta este 55,5.
ATENTIE! Este indicat sa intrebi inainte de a comanda o palarie, daca este marimea respectiva.
Podoabele capilare si palariile purtate pe o parte au o singura marime.

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